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Harm-An-Amp Power Usage Meter

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The Harm-An-Amp Power Usage Meter is a kind of monitoring and testing instrument to measure the electricity consumption, current, voltage, and cost of the electrical appliances connected to it.

It also features functions such as electric charge alarm, electricity consumption alarm and overload alarm. 

LCD display: 
Backlight design is easy to read data of time, watt, cost, etc. 
Plug-in design: 
Simply plug this device to your wall electric outlet 
Measuring function: 
Can measure various parameters, such as power, voltage, current 
Save your money: 
It has alarm function of electricity cost, when the electricity charge reaches the set alarm fee, it will remind you 
If an abnormal display appears or the buttons produce no response, the power meter must be reset 
Button design: 
With buttons design, easy to operate and convenient for daily use 
Memory feature: 
Adopts 3.6V rechargeable battery (built-in), which is used to store the total power and set memory 

Use Instruction: 
Simply plug the meter into the household wall socket and then plug your appliance into the power meter. 

- For safety, please make sure the connected appliance has no short circuit, overload and wiring aging conditions. 
- Only to be used indoor and in dry conditions. 

Operating voltage: 120V 60Hz (US Plug (3-pin)
Operating current: max. 15A (US Plug (3-pin)
Wide voltage range: 110 - 130V (US Plug (3-pin)
Wattage display (watts): 0 - 1800W (US Plug (3-pin)
Current display (amps): 0 - 15A (US Plug (3-pin)
Voltage display range: 0 - 9999V 
Frequency display: 0 - 9999Hz 
Minimum wattage display range: 0 - 9999W 
Maximum wattage display range: 0 - 9999W 
Price display range: 0.00COST/KWh - 99.99COST/KWh 

Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWh - 9999KWh, 0.00COST - 9999COST

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