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DC Breakers from 100 Amp to 250 Amp

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Category: DC & AC Breakers

12 Volt DC Breakers from 100 Amp to 250 Amp


12 Volt DC breaker with 1/4 Inch brass lugs: 100 to 250 amp models available.

Comes with manual reset lever and test switch for manual disconnect.

  • Use as an automatic breaker and manual disconnect switch. When the amperage exceeds the rated amperage of the breaker the lever will automatically swing down and disconnect (open) the circuit to not allow current to flow through your equipment.
  • Use with your wind turbines, solar panels, or hydroelectric devices to protect equipment.

For 24 or 48 volt applications, see our Midnite Solar Circuit Breakers:

1-63 Amps

80-100 Amps

20 Amp 300VDC

Specifications for " DC Breakers from 100 Amp to 250 Amp "

Amperage : 100 Amps or 150 Amps or 200 Amps or 250 Amps
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