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500 Watt Basic 7 Blade Wind Turbine for Off Grid Charging

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Category: Wind Products

For 12 or 48 Volt Battery Charging

Tail Design for Higher Winds & Faster Tracking

Start-up wind speed between 8 - 12 mph


Uses: Battery or battery bank charging, stackable wind turbine grid tie inverters, direct DC water heating elements, direct DC resistive heating, or other applications where 3 phase AC or DC can be used.

What you get with the 5 Blade 500 Watt Wind Turbine:

  • 5 Raptor Generation 4 Wind Turbine Blades for maximum output

    • Assembled blades are 60" diameter

    • Blades do not overload the PMA at low RPMs, turns faster for more amps

  • Wind Turbine Blade Hub

    • 3/16'' thick steel, no cheap aluminum or plastic 

  • 500 Watt Permanent Magnet Alternator

    • Standard 17 mm shaft

    • 100% solid core zinc plated rotor design with air flow holes for cooler operation

    • Smoother operation with flywheel power boost

    • Housing bolts treated with anti-seize to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion

    • Above 500 watts if you have zone 2 winds or above; power rated when using Raptor G4™ blades. Easy start-up in zone 2 winds or higher depending on blade set.

    • 125,000 hours+ of rated bearing life. New bearings cost only $3.00

    • AC Output Models: The 3 phase AC to DC bridge rectifier can be installed next to your batteries or inverter for a 3 phase cable run down the tower.

    • DC Output Models: The 3 phase AC to DC bridge rectifier is built into the case making it a two wire run to your charge controller or batteries.

  • Tail Fin & Arms

    • 16 gauge steel

    • Measures 13 x 19 Inches

    • Double tail arms

    • *Requires painting to resist rust

  • Steel mounting bracket

    • Fits on 1.5" schedule #40 or #80 pipe

  • Limited Warranty

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