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Pallet of 50 First Solar 105 Watt Thin Film Mono Solar Panels

50 Panel Pallet Delivered in the continental US - SHIPPING INCLUDED

These panels are shipped via freight.

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Category: Solar Panels

THIS IS ONE PALLET OF 50 PANELS - Shipped in the continental US.

Includes MC4 Connectors for easy hook-up

These advanced thin-film solar modules have set an industry benchmark with over 17 gigawatts (GW) installed worldwide and a proven performance advantage over conventional crystalline silicon solar modules. Generating more energy than competing modules with the same power rating, delivering superior performance and reliability. 

Product Features: 

                                  • Generates more energy than conventional crystalline silicon solar modules with the same power due to superior temperature coefficient and superior spectral response

                                  • Anti-reflective coated glass enhances energy production

                                  Independently certified for reliable performance in high temperature, high humidity, extreme desert and coastal environments


                                  Product Specifications:

                                  • Nominal Power (PMPP) (-0/+5W): 105W

                                  • Voltage at PMAX (VMPP): 66.2V

                                  • Current at PMAX (IMPP): 1.59A

                                  • Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 85.2V

                                  • Short Circuit Current (ISC): 1.81A

                                  • Maximum System Voltage (VSYS): 1500V UL / 1000V ULC

                                  • Limiting Reverse Current (IR): 4.0A

                                  • Maximum Series Fuse (ICF): 4.0A

                                  • IP65 Rated waterproof junction box

                                  • IP67 Rated waterproof MC4 connectors

                                  • Output Cables: 2.5 mm² (0.004 in²), 657 mm (25.8 in)

                                  • Connectors: MC4 Connectors

                                  Panel Weight & Dimensions:

                                  47.24 x 23.62 x .27 inches / 1200 x 600 x 6.8 mm

                                  26.5 pounds / 12 kg


                                  • Glass: 3.2 mm tempered glass, excellent mechanical loading performance, resists 5400 PA snow loads and 2400 PA wind load.

                                  • EVA Film: main component is 30%-33% of EVA, which assures a high transmission, strong adhesion and long term performance.

                                  • Cell: excellent performance in low light environment and high conversion efficiency guaranteed.

                                  • Frame: strong corrosion resistant aluminum frames.

                                  • Backsheet: both sides of back sheet are coated with fluoro-resin to prevent aging. This unique structure allows our back sheet to provide perfect adhesion with EVA and junction box.


                                  • 25-year transferable power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25 year/80% efficiency rate.

                                  • 5-year material and workmanship warranty


                                  • IEC 61730-1:2004 and IEC 61730-2:2004. Tested and certified for a maximum system voltage of 1500VDC with maximum over-current protection rating of 4.0A

                                  • IEC 61701:2011 Salt Mist Corrosion Test. Tested and certified to the IEC 61701 standard, Severity 6

                                  • IEC 61646:2008 / IEC 61215-1:2016, IEC 61215-1-2:2016, and IEC 61215-2:2016. Tested and certified to the IEC 61646 / IEC 61215 standard with a maximum system voltage of 1500VDC

                                  • IEC 60068-2-68 Environmental Testing – Dust and Sand certified

                                  • IEC 62804 at +/- 1500V (PID)

                                  • UL 1703 Listed with maximum system voltage of 1500VDC and ULC 1703 Listed with maximum system voltage of 1000VDC. Maximum series fuse rating of 4.0A

                                  • UL 1703 and ULC 1703 Listed Fire Performance Type 10

                                  • Listed by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as CSI Eligible Photovoltaic Modules under the California Solar Initiative

                                  • Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) listed

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