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7 Trumpets Prepper Complete Wind Turbine Installation

Customer Project

Customer Project Wind Turbine

Whether you’re a prepper or just a conscious consumer looking to install your own wind turbine, 7 Trumpets Prepper of Tennessee shows you how they went about installing their own wind turbine for off-grid power.

Seen in this video: Missouri Raider 9 Blade Complete Wind Turbine

You’ll see how the blade is attached to the hub, how the PMA is attached to the mounting bracket, and how the unit is wired through the tower. This is a great example of a recycled wind turbine tower design measuring 25 feet tall.

Wind Turbine Installation Video Part 1


Part One

This is the first video of the series showing how to assemble your turbine, attach it to the tower, and erect the tower into position.  

Wind Turbine Installation Video Part 2


Part Two

In part 2 of this series on wind power will be demonstrated how to begin your conduit from your turbine tower to your structure and wire into your outside disconnect box.  

Wind Turbine Installation Video Part 3


Part Three

In part 3 of this wind power series will be demonstrated how to continue your utility conduit from your outside disconnect into your structure.

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